Real Time Marketing Analytics Increase ROI

Where's My Marketing is an easy-to-use marketing analysis tool that allows you to access campaign results as they happen.

Increases the ROI of current campaigns in real time.

Where's My Marketing fuels real-time marketing, from conversation to conversion, by actively tracking and analyzing your responders. It allows you to make informed decisions in real time, without wasting significant costs on data that may not be accurate.

  • Enterprise level real time campaign tracking/Track multiple campaigns at the same time
  • Multiple Initiatives per Campaign/Initiative Comparisons and Charts
  • Real Time Charts and Statistics
  • Personal Dashboard and User Settings
  • …and much more

Tells you the DNA of your responders

Where's My Marketing allows you to access the individual and unique characteristics of the hand raisers from your most recent campaigns to understand who will respond to an active marketing campaign, regardless of communication channel.

Highlights your responders' communication channels

In a fragmented world, consumers have multiple channels to engage with your brand. Where's My Marketing tells you the communication preferences of each individual, allowing you to understand the best avenue to target various segments of your audience.

Enables real-time updates to your internal team

With the real-time information provided by Where's My Marketing, you can keep your team informed of the progress and efficacy of your current campaigns.

Provides data to optimize future campaigns

Using the detailed demographic and communication channel information provided by Where's My Marketing, you can ensure that your future campaigns will be much more targeted.

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